Kiss a Cowboy by Deanna Lynn Sletten

My first thought when reading this book was how through unexpected circumstances, Andi Stevens found herself on a journey she hasn’t planned for, but destiny taking its rightful course, brought her to Luke Breenan and how each found the missing piece between them to bring them the happiness they each deserved for each other. On reading this story, was touched by how God works in mysterious ways even without letting us know he just wants the best for us. I love how Andi and Luke’s story about how venturing out to the unknown can be the driven force that fate has planned for each and everyone of us, if we could just not get blinded by doubts, fear and worry. I know I do have these feeling overwhelm me most times, but having God by my side can be a big boost towards facing every unknown situations surrounding me.

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My Fair Duchess by Julie Johnstone

I had a great time delving into the world of Colin Sinclair and Amelia De Vere along with their past, present and future. In looking into Colin’s life, we could see he let his past define who he was, his beliefs, and how it shaped him. Just when he is about to continue on such lost past, comes Amelia who opens him up and brings out the good inside of him, of which he was capable of, as well as finding her own happiness in the process. This story looks at struggles we each face as individuals, how we turn such negative experiences into something we can learn and be better off, and finding joy and happiness through little things as well as helping each other either with kind words or action.

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A great read on Bellamy and the Brute by Alicia Michaels

I can’t tell you how much I got to enjoy this awesome story which shows the struggle of Tate Baldwin among other things and how a good act by Bellamy McGuire to not just do as others did around her, but to put aside her differences and look at the good side of Tate, and make him see just how awesome he was as an individual and stand by him through his struggles, as well as hers and come through not as victims, but as an testimony that there is always a turning point in life even as we face challenges, and to look at the good side about life as to every situation, they are the pros and cons, but we shouldn’t live life as failures, but as victors.

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